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Supranationalization of the penal policy in the XXI century

This paper is focused on the problem of studying the phenomenon of prison privatization and the political and economic aspects of the functioning of modern multinational prison corporations.

The issue of transferring the penitentiary function of the state to private actors with the subsequent transfer of this function to the supranational level is at the heart of this study.

A separate object of study of this article is a complex political and economic dualistic process, which is characterized by both the opposition between transnational prison corporations and nation states, and the coexistence of the above entities at the same time.

The paper focuses on the problem of morality of modern tendencies of supranationalization of penitentiary policy and civilizational values ​​that drive transnational prison corporations.

A special place in the article is occupied by the position on the transformation of transnational prison corporations into quasi-state entities with appropriate attributes, functions and powers. The article also contains the author's analysis of the problem of transition from the state to the private sector of power to use force (including physical coercion).

On the other hand, the variety of numerous modern forms of social control leads to the original competition "bullet against armor" in the context of the nation-state's opposition to transnational business, where the efforts of nation-states to maintain control over it resembles attempts to hold water in the palm.

In the Western world, prison privatization and the supranationalization of the prison business is an almost commonplace phenomenon that is phenomenal for the post-Soviet countries, making this area of ​​research in Ukraine even more relevant and topical.

This author's study should be seen not only as an analysis of the transfer of power from the nation state to transnational private actors. The focus of the study is the question of the profound transformation of the "power of punishment".

The paper can be downloaded here

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