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Dmytro Yagunov

Privatisation of Prisons in the New Millennium

I would like to present you an article focused on the problems of prison privatisation. Nowadays this problem is seen as one of the sharpest issues of penal policy of many countries across the world. Proposed article contains critical analysis of advantages and disadvantages of prison privatisation (philosophical, political and pragmatic).

Please find the article in the "File Catalogue".

Sincerely yours,

Dmytro Yagunov

The article is based on the essay submitted as part of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Social Science in Criminal Justice, from the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law, The Queen’s University of Belfast (module "Penal Policy and Practices”. – Belfast, 2004. – 37 p.

The article is approved by the Decision of the European Integration Department of Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration (№6, 23.11.2006) and by the Decision of the Academic Board of the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration (№10.103, 14.12.2006).

The article is published in ‘Law Herald’ (Юридичний вісник), 2007, №3. – P.48-53 (in English).

The article is published in ‘Ягунов Д.В. Пенітенціарна система України: історичний розвиток, сучасні проблеми та перспективи реформування’. Видання третє, перероблене та доповнене. – Одеса, 2009. – 314 с. (in Ukrainian). See a chapter "Foreign experience of prison privatisation”.

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