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Call for papers - «Actual Problems of the European Integration»

«Actual Problems of the European Integration» welcomes the submission of papers from scientists and practitioners of any scientific discipline whose work comments on the European Integration, international law, international relations, political science and public administrations. 

Traditionally, the second chapter of the collection is focused on the international standards of the criminal justice and penal systems. Papers on the problems of criminology, penology, human rights, criminal law and criminal procedure are welcomed. 

We hope to develop cooperation with scientists, lecturers of educational institutions, international partners, and practitioners of public authorities, local government and NGOs.

Sincerely yours,
Dmitry Yagunov

+38 067 715 99 74

Articles can be sent directly over the Internet as attachments to email messages (preferably as MSWord documents) to the email address d.yagunov@gmail.com  

Submission Criteria

Total publications - up to 10 pages (including quotations, references and notes).
Times New Roman; point 14, space - 1.
Margins: 2 cm

Each article should be accompanied by a title page that includes: all authors' names, institutional affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers and (if applicable) email addresses. 

References should indicate the serial number, selected by two brackets, according to the list of sources (position in the list of publications literature page) [2, p.25].

Materials of the collections of articles "Actual Problems of the European Integration" and other publications of Dmytro Yagunov are covered by the legislation of Ukraine on protection of copyright.

Copyright on articles published in this and other collections of articles belongs the authors of these articles.

Articles are published in the author's edition.

Responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information, and for making links to other sources presented in scientific papers belongs to the authors of articles.
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