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Panoptism and Penal Practices of the Postmodern Society
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Strengthening social control and spreading of new, more technological and at the same time hidden forms of social control in modern society creates an even greater danger of transforming society into a global total institution, where the abstract concept of "social danger" serves as the criterion of isolation and further social stratification.

Classical criminal law and the traditional system of social justice, which have been used for centuries to stigmatize a person with the "classic" brand of "criminal", are no longer a sufficient tool for modern nation states, international organizations and transnational corporations to ensure social control in the respective territories and/or relevant areas.

Classical criminal law, traditional national criminal justice systems and relevant institutions (including the penitentiary system) have been replaced by more flexible, technological and covert social control mechanisms, which nevertheless contribute to the strengthening of the transcendence of modern society.

For a long time, prison has been serving a micromodel of the society in which "freedom" was one of the most important categories (especially in Western Europe and the United States). Freedom has the same meaning in the Postmodern society.

However, the Postmodern society has changed significantly. Consequently, modern notions of freedom have changed radically. The change in the nature, role and functions of the prison under the influence of numerous socio-economic processes is an indicator of the change in society itself and views on the essence of the above category.

Therefore, nowadays we have the diametrically opposite situation: prison is no longer a model of the society, but the society is a model of prison, which is why the concept of carceral society becomes especially relevant.

Moreover, today it is not enough to talk about the "carceral society". There is a further transcarceration of society, due to which the "title" of the fundamental category for modern political development largely passes from freedom to non-freedom, which is, unfortunately, not as fantastic as it seems at first glance.

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