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Impact of the 2022 Moscovian military aggression on crime trends in Ukraine
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The paper focuses on the 2022 crime trends in Ukraine, subjected to deep changes due to the 2022 Moscovian military invasion of Ukraine. The paper stressed that the 2022 invasion is the first full-scale war in the centre of the European continent after World War II with the openly declared participation of the biggest European states, which has become a new and broad field for criminological research concerning the impacts of contemporary wars on contemporary digital and technological societies.

The author argues that crime trends in wartime Ukraine have become an interesting criminological phenomenon for a researcher due to the dualistic nature of such trends. On one hand, the number of crimes committed in Ukraine in 2022, exceeded the number of crimes committed in 2021 and 2020. On the other one, the number of criminal proceedings, with concrete suspects (with given notifications of suspicion) dropped almost 1,5 times as compared with 2021, which serves as an indicator of the decreasing effectiveness of the national criminal justice system. 

The author points out that a traditional view on the wartime society as a more criminogenic one is partly refuted by Ukrainian crime statistics. The official crime statistics demonstrate a significant increase only in the numbers of those crimes, which are directly concerned with the war (crimes against human life, crimes against national security, war crimes and crimes against mobilisation).

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