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Prisoners classification policy and international standards of human rights
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The article is focused on topical issues of classification of prisoners in the context of international human rights standards.

The article analyzes the classification of prisoners as one of the main components of the correctional process, which affects the orderly operation of the prison.

A well-functioning classification system is an indicator of effective and efficient prison management in a safe environment for prisoners, ensuring that prisoners are treated equally and humanely.

The article emphasizes that prison administrators must constantly update effective, efficient, transparent and accountable prisoner classification policies and establish appropriate procedures in line with international human rights standards. Classification is fundamental to the protection of human rights, individualized punishment planning and the rational use of the prison system's limited resources.

The classification directly affects many aspects of prison management, including the protection and security of prisoners, prison staff and the public, the humane detention of prisoners, and the possibility of applying an individual approach to sentence planning.

Special attention in the article is paid to the analysis of the categories "static risk factor" and "dynamic risk factor".

Special attention in the article is also focused on the issue of four generations of tools for assessing the risks of criminals.

The article emphasizes that trends related to the rethinking of the category of security clearly indicate the actualization of security issues for both prisons and society. In turn, the balance between public and private interests is of particular importance – between the objectives of securing prisons and society as a whole, on the one hand, and the rights, needs and interests of prisoners, on another one, which can easily be violated for the purposes of the alleged "security".

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